Our Channels

Our communication scheme it is focused on 2 headers, communication channels:


Futurizable is SNGULAR's means of disseminating technological trends, innovation, and science whose advances also have an important impact on the business world.

Futrizable has a weekly newsletter dedicated to the future of technology and its impact on business, as well as another one focused on OKR (Objectives & Key Results), the planning methodology whose purpose is to establish objectives in an open and collaborative way. This system can be used by all types of organizations, teams and people.


In addition, Futurizable Observatories are carried out to generate knowledge and share it with the innovative community and seek to establish collaboration ties with other companies, institutions and entrepreneurs with whom we can develop joint initiatives in the field of technology and innovation.



UNIQ is a content media platform produced by SNGULAR Media, with the collaboration of Universo Media. It is a project where the transmedia narrative is the protagonist.

UNIQ is also a project with a humanistic key. Through a conversation with unique people, it is intended to discover thoughts and reflections of those people with the aim of inspiring others who have concerns and thoughts of continuous improvement.


The guests will talk with José Manuel Calderón in a relaxed way, talking about concerns and issues (the prevailing uncertainty in a rapidly changing environment; how these changes serve as learning, and they confront us with new challenges to make us grow) that normally do not have the possibility of speak on a day-to-day basis for his public figure.


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